Garb: Kiki Na Art

With artistic origins, six years in Vietnam and the solo establishment of an independent business under her belt, when it comes to Dublin’s creative scene, Kiki Na Art has arrived.

Nice Gaff – Busáras

The first major work of architecture in modern Ireland, Busáras was symbolic of a forward facing Ireland that was brimful of passion and ideas.

48 Hours in London

In the 90s London was deemed the coolest city humanly possible to travel to, and obviously even cooler to live in. But how does the English capital really fare today? We decided to spend two intense days around London to answer that very question.


Design: Shane Griffin

Irish born, and based in New York since 2012, Shane Griffin’s distinctive work blurs the line between fantasy and reality and has an immediate and visceral allure.

Dublin 8

We talk to local historian Des Mullally about the persistent allure of Dublin 8.


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