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Food & Drink

ely Bar & Brasserie

Located in an architecturally stunning 1821 converted wine warehouse, it’s not just the unique décor or waterside terrace that led to The Sunday Business Post awarding ely bar & brasserie “Best Wine Bar in Ireland 2014”. Combine their extensive wine, craft beer and cocktail list with locally sourced, organic where read more…

Bar Guide: Ashton’s

Ashton’s in Clonskeagh was and remains a leader in the Gastro Pub scene. Long before food was an important element of a public house, Ashton’s were committed to serving the best of Irish food.

The Lure of a Carlingford Half-Holiday

The dog days are over, the nights are drawing in and the daily grind is getting you down. You’re itching for a break, but can’t afford to wander too far or be away too long. The remnants of your holidays have been carefully squirreled away in anticipation of one last hurrah at the end of the year. Frustrated and bored, those precious days off remain elusively out of sight, tantalizingly obscured by the misty horizons of Halloween and the unrelenting grimness of November.
What better then, than to lift the gloom with a quick overnight skite … Hop in the car, head Northwards and in just over an hour you can be safely ensconced in the medieval town of Carlingford. With its breathtaking views and relaxing vibe twenty-four hours there might just be enough to infuse your senses and sate your weary soul.


Dublin Savoy

17 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin - (0818) 776 776


‎2hr 15min‎‎ - Rated 15A‎‎ - Action/Adventure/Drama‎‎ - English‎

Times: 14:10‎  ‎17:10‎  ‎20:10‎

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

‎1hr 20min‎‎ - Rated PG‎‎ - Family‎‎ - English‎ - Trailer

Times: 13:50‎  ‎15:50‎


‎1hr 30min‎‎ - Rated 15A‎‎ - Action/Adventure/Suspense/Thriller‎‎ - English‎ - Trailer

Times: 18:40‎  ‎20:50‎




One Amor Tune: An Interview with Dan Snaith of Caribou


We have two ways of thinking about the sublime. One is the revelation of regularity and harmony underpinning the bizarro phenomena of the world around us, the other is an appreciation of the brute chaos of the universe. With his Caribou project, Dan Snaith somehow captures both.

Arts and Culture

Paleo Riot: Nathaniel Mellors’ Sophisticated Neanderthal


What happens when a camera-wielding, onesie-wearing Homo sapien meets a rather gruff but soft-spoken Neanderthal? Nathaniel Mellors’ The Sophisticated Neanderthal Interview investigates.

A1 in Psychogeography: Interview with Karl Whitney


Karl Whitney has been described as ‘Dublin’s best psychogeographer since James Joyce’.



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Entry Level: The Singularity

The Singularity theory is extreme, dramatic, otherworldly. You can look on the end of mankind whilst pausing at its brilliance and admitting that you can do nothing about its future.