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Food & Drink

Dining Guide: KOH

Celebrating 5 years of success, Koh has firmly established itself as one of the city’s foremost Asian Restaurants and Cocktail Bars.

Dining Guide: Diep at Home

Diep At Home is authentic Thai food of the highest standard. With 9 locations in Dublin, Diep At Home provides the best Thai cuisine direct to your door.

Christmas in Dublin – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Nothing quite beats the atmosphere of Dublin’s crowded streets at Christmas. The sing-song of canny street traders. Twinkling lights. A hint of the old Switzer’s magic… Though a dig too many from razor sharp elbows and excess of ‘Anyone for the last of the Elsa dolls?’ can leave your seasonal goodwill in tatters. Our advice? Make like the young European you are and ward off your inner Scrooge with a brief pause here and there for a bit of pudding, cake or something more substantial to set you up merrily for the task in hand…


Dublin Savoy

17 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin - (0818) 776 776

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

‎1hr 37min‎‎ - Rated PG‎‎ - Comedy/Action/Adventure‎‎ - English‎ - Trailer

Times: 13:45‎  ‎16:05‎  ‎18:25‎  ‎20:45‎

Dumb and Dumber To

‎1hr 50min‎‎ - Rated 15A‎‎ - Comedy‎‎ - English‎ - Trailer

Times: 13:45‎  ‎15:55‎  ‎18:15‎  ‎20:35‎


‎1hr 35min‎‎ - Rated G‎‎ - Animation/Family‎‎ - English‎ - Trailer

Times: 13:45‎  ‎16:05‎  ‎18:25‎




Bound for Glory: Jennifer Evans


It didn’t come easily for Jennifer Evans. Having struggled with shyness, stage-fright and the harsh fiscal realities of trying to put out a record in this day and age, the under the radar chanteuse is finally ready to release her much anticipated debut full length Works from the Dip and Foul.

Buddy’s Jazz Corner


Is there a more universally loved and listened to type of music besides jazz? The resounding answer is ‘No!’

Arts and Culture

Niamh O’Malley & Mairead O’hEocha at DHG


We preview exhibitions by Irish artists Niamh O’Malley and Mairead O’hEocha at Doughlas Hyde Gallery who both manipulate the idea of landscapes imagery.

From the Flames: Phoenix Rising Exhibition at Hugh Lane


On its centenary, the 1914 Civic Exhibition has come back to our attention as the jump-off point for Phoenix Rising: Art and Civic Imagination at Hugh Lane



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