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Food & Drink


The Spanish city of Zaragoza is any food lover’s idea of paradise. Zaragoza have taken some local delicacies along with some of Spain’s authentic specialties to create a unique dining experience…. seasoned with a generous helping of the homegrown hospitality they are famous for. So come down, sit back and read more…

Dining Guide: KOH

Celebrating 5 years of success, Koh has firmly established itself as one of the city’s foremost Asian Restaurants and Cocktail Bars.

Restaurant Review: Söder + Ko

We’re seated in a booth the front part of the restaurant, where the light reflects off the beautiful red brick building of George’s Street Arcade and spills back into this high-ceiling space. We’re watered and menued within minutes.


Dublin Savoy

17 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin - (0818) 776 776

Pitch Perfect 2

‎1hr 55min‎‎ - Rated 12A‎‎ - Comedy/Musical‎‎ - English‎ - Trailer

Times: 15:00‎  ‎17:45‎  ‎20:30‎


‎2hr 10min‎‎ - Rated n/a‎‎ - Scifi/Fantasy‎‎ - English‎ - Trailer

Times: 14:10‎  ‎17:10‎  ‎20:10‎

Mad Max: Fury Road

‎2hr 0min‎‎ - Rated 15A‎‎ - Action/Adventure/Scifi/Fantasy‎‎ - English‎ - Trailer

Times: 14:10‎  ‎17:10‎  ‎20:10‎




Album Review: Metz – II

Channeling their Sub Pop forebears and the Amphetamine Reptile stable of disenchanted suburban musical losers, Metz punch your face in repeatedly with angry man music over the course of 30 gloriously ugly minutes.

Arts and Culture

Le Pays Basque En Fete

Transport yourself to the Basque Country for one special evening on Friday 19th June as the Alliance Française hosts a celebration of the culture and traditions of Le Pays Basque.

Bodies in Movement: Dublin Dance Festival

Like its older siblings the Fringe and Theatre festivals, the Dance Festival takes in venues across the city, stretching out comfortably like a visitor on Dublin’s couch for the duration of the programme, embracing spaces both big and small, lo-fi and luxurious.

12 Points Festival: The Dirty Dozen

Blink and you might miss it, but every second April something remarkable takes place in Dublin for fans of jazz and experimental music. It’s a far cry from the country’s other jazz events, like the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival that pulls in the big names, with wizened professionals churning out standards from the Great American Songbook year after year

Artsdesk: Rose Wylie | Cú Chulainn Comforted

There is a strong sense of Wylie’s painting process in her work. Her embrace of mistakes is made transparent through corrective painting; smooth white and pink patches stand out against the coarse texture of her un-primed canvases. The strength of Wylie’s work lies in her ability to discern when to forego the intentional, in favour of the accidental.



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Linked Finance

Linked Finance, the NEW way for Irish Businesses to raise between €5K – €100K OLIVIER VANDER ELST GreenAer What is GreenAer, and what sets it apart? We specialise in Smart Urban Transport Solutions, with an emphasis on Premium Electric Bicycles and Cargo Bikes. We offer the widest choice of e-bikes read more…

I Got You, Babe: Petra Collins Interview

Offering an intimate and unmediated in-road into teenage life, many of Petra’s most celebrated shots depict young women as well as their bedrooms, their intense friendships, their fantastical attitude to clothing. The confrontational element, however, is nearly always bound up in the female body, and Petra’s refusal to sanitise it.