200 Reasons Not To Leave Dublin


The Irish are a nation of emigrants. After a brief respite, we're back to boats and planes as vehicles for careers and lives. But Dublin's still a great place to live, regardless of how small it m...read more

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Food & Drink

Dining Guide: Zaytoon

They are casual diners offering delicious kebabs served with freshly made naan bread which is cooked in a traditional Persian clay oven.

Mexico to Rome

Set right in the heart of Temple Bar, across from the legendary Temple Bar Pub is the restaurant, Mexico to Rome, the Bandito’s Grill House. They serve up wonderful mouth watering Mexican dishes with a bit of a twist and there are also tasty European and Italian dishes available. On read more…


Dublin Savoy

17 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin - (0818) 776 776

Let's Be Cops

‎1hr 44min‎‎ - Rated 15A‎‎ - Action/Adventure/Comedy‎‎ - English‎ - Trailer

Times: 13:40‎  ‎15:55‎  ‎18:10‎  ‎20:40‎


‎1hr 29min‎‎ - Rated 15A‎‎ - Action/Adventure‎‎ - English‎ - Trailer

Times: 14:00‎  ‎16:15‎  ‎18:30‎  ‎20:50‎

If I Stay

‎1hr 46min‎‎ - Rated 12A‎‎ - Drama‎‎ - English‎ - Trailer

Times: 13:40‎  ‎16:00‎  ‎18:15‎  ‎20:35‎




Arts and Culture

Shhhh! Inside The Library Project


In amongst the diddly-eye pubs on Temple Bar’s main drag is The Library Project, a vital resource to those both within and outside the city’s creative community.

Hammer Time: Pallas Studios’ Auction


Since the art cuts attacked, cultural spaces have had to be pretty crafty to keep their doors open. Pallas Projects is amongst the most entrepreneurial, with its annual fundraising party Running in the Hall, but on Thursday 9th October, Pallas will be teaming up Whyte’s Auctioneers to introduce a new kind of event to the Irish art calendar: the benefit auction.



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Turban Outfitters: Thaís Muniz

The turban emanates a variety of cultural resonances – from her own Afro-Latin American heritage, to Islamic and Indian cultures, to diva singers – as well as being practical and pretty damn cool.