Totally Dublin is totally, entirely, completely Dublin – we’re the city’s most widely-read, highly-distributed freesheet, dedicated to covering Dublin high and low, North and South, upside down and inside out. With unparalleled listings, incisive feature content on all facets of culture both Irish and international, music, film, fashion, bar and food reviews, and interviews, TD has established itself as the go-to guide to our city in its 100+ issues of existence.

Work Experience and Internships:

Many of Totally Dublin’s regular editorial contributors began their time with HKM by interning at the magazine. We offer intensive, open-ended work experience for writers looking for a leg-up into the world of culture journalism, available on an ad hoc basis. If you’d like to sharpen your teeth, email us with some samples of your writing and pitches for articles you’d like to contribute. Avoid saying any of the following:

“I’m interested in writing about everything!” We value insight into and interest in the niches of culture and society. Don’t be a dilettante!

“My feature pitches include: a piece on vintage fashion, a piece on music festivals, a piece where I take drugs and then write about being on drugs, an agony aunt column, a street style column.”

“I’d be happy to just to make coffee for you guys!” Tough, we don’t have a coffee machine.

While our internship positions are primarily in our editorial department, we occasionally accept photography and illustration applications – bear in mind our design department is in London, so we don’t offer design internships.

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9 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Paul Flynn

    i was just wondering if you could put me on your newsletter list. I am having trouble with the sign up stalling when I click subscribe.

  2. Nina

    Hi there, had my photo taken by one of your friendly photographers on Grafton Street today.
    Wanted to offer an invite to that photographer for our gig next Saturday at Mother Dublin.

    Had to shoot off quickly so never had the time to chat.

    We also never got her name, but she has red hair. Feel free to pass on my email to her…Or the info the we are playing a show August 2 at Mother.

    Thanks Totally…

  3. Karen O'Connor

    Hello I am interested in putting our listings onto your online service to promote our events in Dun Laoghaire, is it a free service please ?

    kind regards
    Karen O’Connor

  4. Martin

    Ian, the following carelessly-written sentence is patently untrue:

    “Almost all of Totally Dublin’s editorial staff started life interning at the magazine.”

  5. Dog Hungry Bears

    Hi Totally Dublin,

    For the past few months we’ve been working on a project titled the ‘Made In Dublin’ series. The aim is to capture the essence of Dublin’s food culture in a series of video interviews with some of the cities most innovative producers and providers.

    As we are just a group of pals doing this for the pure love of Dublin and its food culture, we could really do with some help sharing it. Please see the video below and if you like it we’d really appreciate your help.

    Many Thanks,




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