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Garb: Murray Lints – George Murray

Recent NCAD graduate George Murray managed to create a final collection that not only triumphed aesthetically but managed to speak consciously about the effect of fast fashion in the world.

Garb: Kiki Na Art

With artistic origins, six years in Vietnam and the solo establishment of an independent business under her belt, when it comes to Dublin’s creative scene, Kiki Na Art has arrived.

Fill the Gap: Alice Moyan at Aliquo

“A month in Patagonia, then visiting Chile, Antarctica, Easter Island, the whole experience was a dream come true.” Alice Moyan’s inspiration for starting Aliquo was found slightly further afield than you might expect.


Garb: The 74 Francis Street Collective

On the far end of Francis Street, past the bushels of antique stores and the croons of BIMM, is number 74. Playing host to vintage clothing, gypsy wraps and flat whites, the Francis Street Collective differs slightly from its neighbours. But this nook on the corner is more than fitting for the so-called Antique Quarter. A step inside confirms that it can more than hold its own in terms of both relics and rock‘n’roll.

Garb: In the Reflective Age – Hannah Choy O’Byrne

We sat down with Hannah Choy O’Byrne afterhours in Thirty Four, the café below which her studio is located, to discuss her latest collection, a meditation on unlocking the spirit of our inner child and losing our inhibitions in an age when it feels like Big Brother is always watching.

Garb: Chupi

A volatile retail atmosphere hasn’t deterred Chupi in setting up shop. As her multi-award winning jewellery brand continues to grow, Chupi carved some time out of her busy day to talk to Totally Dublin about the big plans that she has for this latest project.

Garb: Ruth Ni Loinsigh & 2nd Space

The celebrated Dublin boutique Om Diva recently launched a new store, 2nd Space, to showcase the work of emerging local designers. An avid supporter of young emerging designers, Ruth Ni Loinsigh is excited to discover new talent to stock in 2nd Space. Her goal is to give undergraduates and recent graduates a platform before they leave college, so that they may have real life experience of the fashion industry, rather than being thrust straight in out of academia.

Repeal Project Pop-Up Store

The venture of Anna Cosgrave, The Repeal Project takes the message to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution – which criminalises and denies women bodily autonomy and brushes the abortion issue under the carpet by sending those seeking abortions to the United Kingdom – and puts it on big block letters across your chest.

Irish Fashion: A Neglected Industry

We spoke to three Irish designers; Michael Stewart, Andrew Bell and Caoimhe MacNeice to get an insight into the experiences of aspiring Irish designers, to find out why they are leaving at such a rapid pace and what can be done to keep them here, so that we may access the massively untapped potential of the Irish fashion industry.

Garb: NCAD 2016 Degree Fashion Show

The NCAD fashion department is a chaotic harmony of whirring sewing machines and whistling steam irons, as the final year students prepare their collections for the highly anticipated 2016 Degree Fashion Show. We feature four promising new talents exploring concepts as diverse as Frida Kahlo’s empowerment, heritage hi-viz and an escape from the conflict in Lebanon.

Garb: Aoife Dunne

Totally Dublin catches up with fresh talent Aoife Dunne, who is known for mixing multimedia with zany visuals in her fashion work. The Dublin-based creative has earned herself the title of creative director and fashion stylist to international magazines all while still an undergraduate at NCAD.


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