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Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Review: Hang Dai Chinese

I’m sitting in a fake subway booth that has been inspired by Hong Kong, and has the feel of the set of Blade Runner. The tiny morsel of food in my mouth has left me speechless. It’s the texture of grainy fudge and its taste is overpoweringly intense. Time seems to slow down as my system tries to make sense of this overwhelming experience. I’m at Hang Dai on Camden Street and I’ve just eaten duck brain for the first time.

Restaurant Review: Fowl Play

If you thought barbecue in Dublin was a passing fad that had burnt out, eating Noonan’s food and hearing him talk about smoking and wood-fired techniques is enough to reignite a meat lover’s interest in the art of cooking over fire.

Restaurant Review: The Yarn

A lasagne pizza is something you might expect to see on a Buzzfeed round-up of the world’s most outrageous artery cloggers, but The Yarn’s version is actually beautifully restrained and thoroughly comforting.


Restaurant Review: Charlotte Quay

Charlotte Quay has everything it needs to succeed: a great view, a talented chef, experienced leaders leading the charge and an already loyal fanbase. All they need is for Dubliners to get over the psychological barrier of eating off the beaten track.

Restaurant Review: Manifesto

I was expecting a laid-back, fun pizzeria and instead I got a stilted, grandiose white table-clothed restaurant. Perhaps it was an off night? Or perhaps Manifesto needs a boost of fresh energy.

Restaurant Review – Buckle Up

“I wanted to combine a light approach to flavourful food, with hints of worldly ingredients from Middle East and Asia, inspired by the fusion of Australia.” We check out the results at Buckle Up, Katie Gilroy’s new venture.

Restaurant Review: Heron & Grey

Heron helps with the prep and Grey brings out some of the courses. Thanks to their enthusiasm and easy manner, it’s a really fun place to eat. I’ll sum it up this way: the food is so mind-boggingly good that you will want to lick the plate, and Heron & Grey would definitely applaud you if you did so.


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