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Food and Drink

Barfly: Blackbird

Every carefully worn table and mismatched chair has an occupant and there’s a healthy queue at the bar. This maybe wouldn’t be so noteworthy if it weren’t for the fact that Blackbird is huge, combined with the exterior beer garden it can hold a pretty astounding amount of Punk IPA guzzlers.

Barfly: Mary’s Bar and Hardware Shop

“I like that there’s no music playing in here,” says Anton, soaking up the ambient noise of chatter. I nod in agreement. “Plus,” he continues, “can you imagine the absolute fucking shite they’d be playing if there were?”

Barfly: McSorley’s

McSorley’s comes across as bar with an easy, comfortable atmosphere with optional treats rather than a specialist’s haunt.

Barfly: The Old Stand

Of all the pubs I’ve ever got drunk in while wearing a suit, the Old Stand is this one that I would most like to get drunk in again.




Barfly: Crowbar

Crowbar, in a very direct sense, solves the problem of where to go for a pint before going to the Button Factory.

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