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Food and Drink

Our Table

Our Table is inspired by the lack of rights for those in the Direct Provision system to prepare their own food, which further strips them of their dignity in an already traumatic system.

Restaurant Review: Fowl Play

If you thought barbecue in Dublin was a passing fad that had burnt out, eating Noonan’s food and hearing him talk about smoking and wood-fired techniques is enough to reignite a meat lover’s interest in the art of cooking over fire.

Barfly: The Lincoln’s Inn

Lincoln’s retains its lofty reputation not for whatever contemporary action it hosts but through it’s association with the romanticised Dublin of yore.

Restaurant Review: The Yarn

A lasagne pizza is something you might expect to see on a Buzzfeed round-up of the world’s most outrageous artery cloggers, but The Yarn’s version is actually beautifully restrained and thoroughly comforting.

Barfly – The Hill

One hopes with the benefit of time or a few tweaks the Hill will eventually make its mark. For the moment at least, it boasts promise of much else ahead.


Restaurant Review: Charlotte Quay

Charlotte Quay has everything it needs to succeed: a great view, a talented chef, experienced leaders leading the charge and an already loyal fanbase. All they need is for Dubliners to get over the psychological barrier of eating off the beaten track.

Barfly: Arthur’s

The slightly tepid vibe downstairs aside, I can’t help but fall for this place and feel that it’s their excellence as a venue that Arthur’s should be trumpeting when it’s their turn to step up to the mic.

Barfly: Idlewild

Idlewild is a very pretty bar, and it even boasts an extremely bright staircase on the way up from the toilets, which makes you feel slightly like you’re ascending to the afterlife, potentially to hang out with another dead Quaker businessman.


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