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Food and Drink

Barfly: The Rag Trader

The Rag Trader is more an auxiliary set of taps that have been afforded their own stylised rebranding campaign more than anything else. The first thing that strikes you is that the entire place is made out of drawers.

Restaurant Review: Heron & Grey

Heron helps with the prep and Grey brings out some of the courses. Thanks to their enthusiasm and easy manner, it’s a really fun place to eat. I’ll sum it up this way: the food is so mind-boggingly good that you will want to lick the plate, and Heron & Grey would definitely applaud you if you did so.

Barfly: The Ivy

The Ivy styles itself as “luxurious continental style bar” suited to “watching the world go by whilst regaling old times”. While its oldness is contrived, it’s also strangely convincing.

Soundbite: Jette Virdi

“I tell people that I make food pretty for a job, that’s the easiest way to describe it, but it starts with weeks of prep beforehand”. Creative all-rounder Jette Virdi talks to us about her work as a food stylist, her interest in design and her plans for a new home-ware collection later this year.


Barfly – JT Pim’s

Stepping out into a still cold but thankfully not aromatic March night, I reflect that Anton’s respect might be all that JT Pim’s is getting, on this occasion.

Barfly – Open Gate Brewery

Against all odds, Guinness have hit on something genuinely exciting here, deftly balancing their enviable heritage and the demands of the present marketplace.

Restaurant Review: Richmond

Hopefully, owner and manager Russell Wilde and Head Chef David O’Byrne don’t get frustrated with the name checks to Gig’s Place because Richmond couldn’t be more different with the red banquettes nodding back to its previous existence.

Barfly – Wigwam

Wigwam feels more like a blank canvas than a hodgepodge… the beginning of another journey for the Bodytonic gang, rather than a definitive statement… And it’s all the more exciting to have a space in the city like that.


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