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200 Reasons Not To Leave Dublin


The Irish are a nation of emigrants. After a brief respite, we're back to boats and planes as vehicles for careers and lives. But Dublin's still a great place to live, regardless of how small it m...read more
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Food and Drink

Back to the Future: Dublin Food Provenance

Food provenance is now very much in vogue with diners the world-over increasingly keen to establish the precise origin of the food they put in their mouths. Such global trends are replicated and reflected in the Dublin food and drink scene with restaurant menus detailing regional origination and aspects such as how the food they serve was reared, caught and prepared.

Soundbite: Improper Butter

Elaine Lavery and Hannah O’Reilly are the friends behind, Improper Butter, taking Elaine’s germ of an idea home from the French Alps and into a real going concern – via the Dragons’ Den.

Barfly: MVP

Belabouring the point of one’s own straightforwardness tends to be a self-defeating exercise, and it’s hard not to feel that way in MVP. Better not to say you do a great pint, and just do one.

Barfly: Blackbird

Every carefully worn table and mismatched chair has an occupant and there’s a healthy queue at the bar. This maybe wouldn’t be so noteworthy if it weren’t for the fact that Blackbird is huge, combined with the exterior beer garden it can hold a pretty astounding amount of Punk IPA guzzlers.




Barfly: Mary’s Bar and Hardware Shop

“I like that there’s no music playing in here,” says Anton, soaking up the ambient noise of chatter. I nod in agreement. “Plus,” he continues, “can you imagine the absolute fucking shite they’d be playing if there were?”

Barfly: McSorley’s

McSorley’s comes across as bar with an easy, comfortable atmosphere with optional treats rather than a specialist’s haunt.

Barfly: The Old Stand

Of all the pubs I’ve ever got drunk in while wearing a suit, the Old Stand is this one that I would most like to get drunk in again.

Barfly: Crowbar

Crowbar, in a very direct sense, solves the problem of where to go for a pint before going to the Button Factory.

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