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Food and Drink

Barfly: Abbey Hour – The Jolly Monk

‘It’s weird how monks are allowed to drink, isn’t it?’ I ask Anton as we approach The Jolly Monk, the newly renovated bar of the Abbey Hotel. ‘I mean, as in you would think drinking would be prohibited or something.’

Restaurant Review: Over The Moon at Luna

The waiters, all young men as it would have been in the ’60s, wear red jackets with black suede lapels, tailored by Louis Copeland. A more senior waiter, dressed entirely in black, even looks like a bonafide mobster. I’m downstairs in Luna, eating dinner like a boss.

Barfly: The South William

if you’ve installed yourself out in front of The South William, in the shadow of Miss Fantastia’s, it’s as good place as any to watch the world go by.

Restaurant Review: Wowburger

Wowburger, in the beer garden of Workman’s Club on Wellington Quay, appears committed to the quintessentially American diner-style burger; a sweet bun enveloping a juicy patty, thinner than what we’ve come to expect from a gastropub, but large enough to get the belly rumbling.

Barfly: The Square Ball

It’s interior design is more in the mould of a subtly sophisticated Henry cardigan than an attention-seeking, bulge-hugging Redknapp three-piece number.


Restaurant Review: Klaw

Niall Sabongi, proprietor of Rock Lobster and director of Sustainable Seafood Ireland has brought his enthusiasm for local seafood to Klaw, a tiny 12 seater spot on Crown Alley.

Soundbite: Lisa Murrin Eathos

Located in Baggot Street, newly opened café and patisserie Eathos specialises in healthy eating with an indulgent twist. Lisa Murrin who runs the café with her brother Peter talked to us about the global influences behind her new venture and her life-long quest to learn more about feel-good food.

San Francisco Food

There are few richer places to take a culinary trip than in the San Francisco Bay Area. Californians care about their food. They care about organic, local and seasonal food, and it could be argued that the renaissance of the farm to fork food movement had its beginnings here thanks to local champions like Alice Waters. Indeed, the oldest Slow Food chapter in USA is in San Francisco.

Barfly: The Wiley Fox

Time marches on, we remain oblivious to the clock and put in another order. Vintage Belle and Sebastian comes on the stereo. I think I kind of like this place.

Barfly: The Canal Club at Lock 6 Café

Lock 6 is a very of the moment idea – a repurposed space (‘Construction Industry Federation’ reads the foreboding plaque outside), a cafe and bruncherie, a pop-up that’s gone and stayed-up. What Lock 6 transforms into on Friday and Saturday nights, the Canal Club, is an extension of lots of these ideas in utilising a space otherwise put to sleep for the day.

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