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Food and Drink

Barfly: Idlewild

Idlewild is a very pretty bar, and it even boasts an extremely bright staircase on the way up from the toilets, which makes you feel slightly like you’re ascending to the afterlife, potentially to hang out with another dead Quaker businessman.

Restaurant Review: Manifesto

I was expecting a laid-back, fun pizzeria and instead I got a stilted, grandiose white table-clothed restaurant. Perhaps it was an off night? Or perhaps Manifesto needs a boost of fresh energy.

Soundbite – Oisín Davis

With his work as a consultant in the drinks industry taking him all over the globe, Oisín Davis has what many would regard as a dream job. He talked to us about Great Irish Beverages, his new venture Poachers Tonic and his passionate focus on Irish ingredients and produce.

Restaurant Review – Buckle Up

“I wanted to combine a light approach to flavourful food, with hints of worldly ingredients from Middle East and Asia, inspired by the fusion of Australia.” We check out the results at Buckle Up, Katie Gilroy’s new venture.


Barfly – Zozimus

If you want to feel as though you’re inhabiting a feverish, half-remembered scene from the middle act of Orson Welles’ The Lady from Shanghai, there are worse places.

Barfly – Mission Bar

Judging by the obvious rapport between the staff and the handful of other patrons propping up the bar, the “mate’s gaff” ambiance was the first thing successfully installed, comfortably established before the smell of fresh paint had dissipated.

Barfly: T O’Brennan’s

One can only hope that T O’Brennan’s, aside from being one of the city’s best new pubs, will act as a beacon of good sense to other publicans, an exemplifier of the notion that, to borrow a tawdry phrase, evolution need not mean revolution.


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