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Cinema Review: Freeheld

The decision to basically ignore the women around which the story is supposed to revolve causes the bottom to fall out of this film, sapping the story of its impact.

Cinema Review: Trumbo

Trumbo, to its credit, finds no easy heroics and largely spares the platitudes within this difficult historical context, but accomplishes the rare feat of finding credible familial pathos in this unfamiliar tale.

Cinema Review: Our Brand is Crisis

The potential for the film to be a biting and hilarious satire is adulterated by the treacly and overly sentimental scenes focused on the rife poverty in Bolivia, which ring hollow and clashes with the film’s prevailing message of the falseness of politics.

Cinema Review: Youth

That the film’s central conflict is over whether Caine’s character will conduct an old composition of his in a special performance for the Queen and Prince Philip suggests the degree to which Sorrentino is dedicated to spoon-feeding the bourgeoisie their own shite.

Cinema Review: The Assassin

A towering technical achievement with real heart, this is a film of extraordinary beauty made by a director who knows the value of patience and, more importantly, how to demonstrate it.


Cinema Review: Room

Jack’s mother Joy (Larson), also imprisoned, has constructed a detailed, childish ontology to suit their environment, in which ‘Room’ is the only real, existing place, and from which they can observe other, alien worlds on their television.

Cinema Review: Creed

It might not have the pathos, the glory, or the sheer absurdity of the previous films in the Rocky franchise, but at the level of pure adrenaline, it knocks them into a tin hat. A great boxing film.

Cinema Review: Daddy’s Home

Daddy’s Home sees mild-mannered, loving step-dad Brad (Ferrell) fighting for the affections of his two young kids when his wife’s macho, charismatic ex-husband Dusty (Wahlberg) returns to visit the family.

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