200 Reasons Not To Leave Dublin


The Irish are a nation of emigrants. After a brief respite, we're back to boats and planes as vehicles for careers and lives. But Dublin's still a great place to live, regardless of how small it m...read more
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Cinema Review: Sicario

Unfortunately for Villeneuve, Sicario is just as dumb as its ‘big dumb’ contemporaries and all the pregnant pauses and sombre shootouts don’t convince otherwise.

Cinema Review: Irrational Man

It is interesting that, after the initial and quite positive effects of Abe’s big, paradigm-shifting action, he descends into madness, becoming perhaps unexpectedly the villain of a piece that seemed to hold such promise for him

Cinema Review: Dope

Ultimately, the film is entertaining, but somewhat naïve (and at worst disingenuous and condescending) in its treatment of pertinent issues facing America that it pretends to tackle head-on.


Cinema Review: Cartel Land

Four words in the opening credits that let you know this documentary about Mexican drug cartels is going to be red hot, spit-shined State Department propaganda: ‘Executive Producer Kathryn Bigelow’.

Cinema Review: Mia Madre

Despite an unfortunate drift into sentimentality in its final moments (typical of Moretti), Mia Madre is a compassionate and provocative film that engages in difficult questions about death and cinema in a way that crucially always preserves its emotional raison d’être.

Cinema Review: Amy

Paparazzi footage shows the appalling treatment that Winehouse endured at the height of her fame and the problematic way that the media painted her as a romanticised rock star despite her clearly suffering from addiction. More than that, however, Amy also captures what made Winehouse such an interesting musician, which makes the film all the more heartbreaking.

Cinema Review: Slow West

Slow West, which is director John Maclean’s feature film debut, seems intent on showing us the worst of the genre. Everyone and everything is terrible in 1870s America.

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