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Cinema Review: Amy

Paparazzi footage shows the appalling treatment that Winehouse endured at the height of her fame and the problematic way that the media painted her as a romanticised rock star despite her clearly suffering from addiction. More than that, however, Amy also captures what made Winehouse such an interesting musician, which makes the film all the more heartbreaking.

Cinema Review: Slow West

Slow West, which is director John Maclean’s feature film debut, seems intent on showing us the worst of the genre. Everyone and everything is terrible in 1870s America.

Cinema Review: Love at First Sight (Les Combattants)

Les Combattants takes the ‘boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy follows girl obsessively until she likes him back’ set up that’s been a rom-com staple for far too long and tries to wring something new out of it. In this case it’s that the girl is more interested in joining the army than returning her admirer’s affections.

Cinema Review: El Ardor

Though there is no small degree of artistry on display in El Ardor’s presentation, particularly in the use of smoke later in the picture to elicit the same claustrophobia of the earlier jungle scenes, thematically and narratively speaking, this is far from an exercise in nuance.

Cinema Review: Black Coal, Thin Ice

Set against the bleak industry-scape of a mining region in northern China, Black Coal, Thin Ice follows ex-cop Zhang Zili’s relentless pursuit of his final unsolved case, mainly (it seems) because he has nothing better to do.


Song of the Sea – Interview with Fabian Erlinghauser

Cartoon Saloon received international acclaim with their first big project The Secret of Kells’ and now, with the release of Song of the Sea and two Oscar nominations under their collective belt, it is clear that the animation company is making waves both at home and abroad. We talked to the animation director on Song of the Sea, Fabian Erlinghäuser, about the production behind the unique film, and the style and work of Cartoon Saloon.

IFI Open Day 2015

The Irish Film Institute (IFI) is opening its doors once again for their annual Open Day, where they’ll showcase movies old and new and exclusive previews throughout the day, as well as the always-popular Audience Choice feature film.

Cinema Review: The Tribe

Set in a bleak, run-down institutional school, The Tribe sees its adolescent students engage in prostitution, burglary, ultra-violence and extortion to make a quick buck, inside and out of the confines of its walls.

Cinema Review: Top Five

Despite its lead character leaving laughter behind, Top Five is largely funny and sometimes hysterical, exploring fame in a way that is personal without feeling indulgent.

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