Exhibition Previews

The Future Will Come

The RHA is home to some of Ireland’s oldest and most established artists, and its Annual Exhibition is the best chance you’ll get to peruse these stalwarts of Irish art.

Whitewashing The Moon

It’s 1869, and a 200-foot diameter sphere of bricks is hurtling into space – the first artificial satellite, it is intended merely as a navigational device, but has accidentally been launched with passengers on board.


Old House @ Supafast Building

The Supafast building is already pretty spooky. Friday 13th, no matter what your levels of superstition, is always wont to get a little bit creepy. Combine both, and you’ve got one formidably horrifying concept: Old House. From midnight tonight, the Smithfield building will be transformed into an ectoplasmically weird experience, read more…

IMMA goes to the National Concert Hall

The closing of almost all IMMA’s Kilmainham doors for refurbishment has left a bit of a gaping hole in Dublin’s contemporary art front, but fret not: that hole is about to be filled by a series of off-site IMMA exhibitions at Earlsfort Terrace. Already proven to be an uncannily fitting read more…

We Love You Oakland

I’d been told to stay away from East Oakland,” says photographer Annie Atkins. “I was supposed to be taking photos of street life for a music video and I had no idea where I was going. It was just me and the director, Astrid Edwards. I asked which part of California we would read more…


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