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Arts and Culture

Arts Desk: El Lissitzky: The Artist and the State

Currently installed at the Garden Galleries in IMMA, El Lissitzky: The Artist and the State, is an exhibition curated by Annie Fletcher and Sarah Glennie. Although the show predominantly features the work of Russian constructivist artist and architect El Lissitzky, it functions more as an allegory to the work of Irish Revivalist poet, playwright, and author Alice Milligan.

Arts Desk: Display Show

Curated by Gavin Wade, with Céline Condorelli and James Langdon, ‘Display Show’ is the first iteration of an exhibition project which seeks to examine the politics of exhibition and display.

Arts Desk: Foaming at the Mouth Interview

Foregoing the wholesome institutional embrace of the gallery, Foaming at the Mouth is a ‘visual art spoken word’ event which takes the best Irish artists, writers, and performers out of the white cube and into venues that are far less definitively shaped. We caught up with its organisers, Emer Lynch and Tracy Hanna, to discuss the fruitful marriage of visual art and language.


Le Pays Basque En Fete

Transport yourself to the Basque Country for one special evening on Friday 19th June as the Alliance Française hosts a celebration of the culture and traditions of Le Pays Basque.

Bodies in Movement: Dublin Dance Festival

Like its older siblings the Fringe and Theatre festivals, the Dance Festival takes in venues across the city, stretching out comfortably like a visitor on Dublin’s couch for the duration of the programme, embracing spaces both big and small, lo-fi and luxurious.

12 Points Festival: The Dirty Dozen

Blink and you might miss it, but every second April something remarkable takes place in Dublin for fans of jazz and experimental music. It’s a far cry from the country’s other jazz events, like the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival that pulls in the big names, with wizened professionals churning out standards from the Great American Songbook year after year

Artsdesk: Rose Wylie | Cú Chulainn Comforted

There is a strong sense of Wylie’s painting process in her work. Her embrace of mistakes is made transparent through corrective painting; smooth white and pink patches stand out against the coarse texture of her un-primed canvases. The strength of Wylie’s work lies in her ability to discern when to forego the intentional, in favour of the accidental.

This is a Happenings Party, Man

As St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaches, pubs prepare for the influx of tourists and locals Happenings have also been preparing for the festivities, but they have something different in mind from the drunken crowds.

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