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Arts and Culture

Artsdesk: Rose Wylie | Cú Chulainn Comforted

There is a strong sense of Wylie’s painting process in her work. Her embrace of mistakes is made transparent through corrective painting; smooth white and pink patches stand out against the coarse texture of her un-primed canvases. The strength of Wylie’s work lies in her ability to discern when to forego the intentional, in favour of the accidental.

This is a Happenings Party, Man

As St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaches, pubs prepare for the influx of tourists and locals Happenings have also been preparing for the festivities, but they have something different in mind from the drunken crowds.

OFFSET 2015: An interview with Snask

Snask are an exuberant, eccentric and extremely entertaining design firm based in Stockholm for whom conventionality is a curse word. We spoke with creative director and founder Fredrik Öst about keeping all the plates spinning.

OFFSET 2015: Interview with Angus Hyland of Pentagram

Angus Hyland is a British graphic designer and is head of the London branch of Pentagram, and has worked with clients such as the BBC, The British Museum, Penguin and the Tate Modern. He is also creative consultant director of Laurence King Publishing. We spoke to him ahead of his appearance at OFFSET 2015.




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