Up on Cyprus Avenue: Lucy Caldwell Interview

“I wanted to write a collection that focused on something else, on other lives that happened during that time which were just as rich as the Troubles but that weren’t defined by it.” We catch up with Belfast author Lucy Caldwell.

Pembe! Pembe! Bryony May Dunne

“What keeps coming back is the theft of objects that were already stolen.” Cairo-based Irish filmmaker and artist Bryony May Dunne talks about the recent spate of rhino horn thefts around the world, including the 2013 theft of five horns from the National Museum Archive in Dublin.

Someone To Watch Over Me: Searching for Maximón

“Here in Atitlán, centuries ago, the people didn’t take a side in the war between the Spanish and the Mayans,” explains Pedro. “So the Spanish priests let the locals worship their old gods under new saints’ names. Rilaj Ma’am is his Mayan name: San Simón is just the name it sounds most like in Spanish, and Maximón is the way people pronounce it around here.”

Born and Reared – Hen Norton & Dan Dennison Interview

Born and Reared is a new, independent documentary about the lives of four people from different social and religious backgrounds, in a society where lines of identity have historically been sharply and violently drawn, affected by the Troubles and their legacy in the wake of the Good Friday Agreement. We sat down to talk with director Hen Norton and cinematographer Dan Dennison about this unique and moving project.

Keep It Lit! Interview with ILFD Director Martin Colthorpe

The International Literature Festival Dublin kicks off later this month, its name change in 2015 a reflection of its status as a player on a thriving, global stage. We caught up with Programme Director Martin Colthorpe ahead of the festival to hear about the programming process and what we can look forward to as part of the ILFD this year


Queen of the Ring: Becky Lynch Interview

“I never for a second even considered that I could be a wrestler. It was such an out-there dream.” Baldoyle’s Rebecca Quin is kicking ass and taking names across the world as Becky Lynch in the WWE.

Paperback Writer: Kevin Barry Interview

Quite like his characters, Kevin Barry is an eloquent and energetic speaker, who loves to lash on the foul language. This became quite clear in a recent Irish Times interview, where the judicious use of asterisks gave it the appearance of a sensitive wartime document.

To Have And To Hold: Fountain Pens

Before Christmas I had the pleasure of helping my friend Luca open a pop-up. “Stationery,” he said, “is the new bicycle.” Parker, Future Shock and the new love of old stationery.

Birds of a Feather: Bleeding Heart Pigeons

“Until 2012 we were just playing in my shed at home”. Then for Bleeding Heart Pigeons something almost entirely unheard of occurred: their sweeping brand of art-rock made it’s way from the weather beaten wilds of the West to the ears of a major label.

Moth to the Flame: Chairlift

Chairlift’s new album draws on the moth as a metaphor for beauty, vulnerability and fragility in an emotional and personal response to the relentless energy of New York City.

Critical Hit: Boss Fight Books

It’s a good time to be a fan of reading about videogames. Whether you aspire to be a DIY programmer, a gonzo games writer, or a radical writer-programmer hybrid, inspiration is just an Amazon binge away. Whether you’re interested in critical dissections of mechanics, or just want to look back at an old favourite through someone else’s eyes, there is undoubtedly something in Boss Fight’s growing collection of books that will surprise you.


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