Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Review: Heron & Grey

Heron helps with the prep and Grey brings out some of the courses. Thanks to their enthusiasm and easy manner, it’s a really fun place to eat. I’ll sum it up this way: the food is so mind-boggingly good that you will want to lick the plate, and Heron & Grey would definitely applaud you if you did so.

Restaurant Review: Richmond

Hopefully, owner and manager Russell Wilde and Head Chef David O’Byrne don’t get frustrated with the name checks to Gig’s Place because Richmond couldn’t be more different with the red banquettes nodding back to its previous existence.

Restaurant Review: Union 8

It’s striking how much Union 8 has transformed the feel of this Kilmainham junction. It’s bright and buzzing, its energy shining out onto the street like a beacon, drawing customers in.

Restaurant Review: Cotto

“Higgins is one of my favourite chefs in the city. I love his simple, understated approach to cooking. His food is always extremely well balanced. There is no ego in his cooking, just a love for good ingredients and an abundant affection for simple meals”. We visit Chef Conor Higgins’ Cotto in Stoneybatter


Restaurant Review: Catch 22

Throughout, the service is friendly and efficient, perfectly pitched for casual dining. Catch 22 should do well in the largely tourist and family trade of South Anne Street, though proper seafood enthusiasts used to shucking their own oysters and hammering crab claws may find the menu a little pedestrian.

Restaurant Review: Wowburger

Wowburger, in the beer garden of Workman’s Club on Wellington Quay, appears committed to the quintessentially American diner-style burger; a sweet bun enveloping a juicy patty, thinner than what we’ve come to expect from a gastropub, but large enough to get the belly rumbling.

Restaurant Review: Klaw

Niall Sabongi, proprietor of Rock Lobster and director of Sustainable Seafood Ireland has brought his enthusiasm for local seafood to Klaw, a tiny 12 seater spot on Crown Alley.


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