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Under The Skin: Jonathan Glazer Interview

Under the Skin is an atmospheric triumph. It’s an extraterrestrial thriller that consists of mainly guerrilla and found footage, capturing a disguised Scarlett Johansson lurking the streets and valleys of an uncanny Scotland.

Interview: Paradise trilogy director Ulrich Seidl

Ulrich Seidl’s films are difficult, antagonistic affairs. From 1996′s Animal Love (“Never have I looked so directly into hell” – Werner Herzog) to 2007’s Palme d’Or nominated Import/Export, his is a social realism of a most unorthodox kind, characterised by his trademark tableau compositions, which are evocative of early cinema as much as the monolithic imagery of religion and capital. Seidl’s scripts contain no dialogue, are improvised on set, and his blending of documentary and fictional film form, including his use of non-professional actors, gives his work an uneasy, direct quality.

Interview with A Hijacking’s Tobias Lindholm

Waiting for Tobias Lindholm to appear for our interview in The Merrion Hotel, one can’t help but overhear his handlers furiously planning the day’s schedule. He’s in town for a screening of his solo-directorial debut, A Hijacking, being shown that night at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, and judging read more…

Freshly Squeezed

The Freshly Squeezed Film Festival, now in its second year, showcases short films by students from around the world. This year’s event is being held on Sunday, May 12th at the Sugar Club, from 11am till 9:30pm. Entry is free. Guest speakers include Neasa Hardiman, who has worked as a read more…


The Best Films of 2012

Totally Dublin’s film staff give their take on 2012, from Paul Thomas Anderson to Joss Whedon and on to psychogeographic exploration of the Atacama.


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