Linked Finance, the NEW way for Irish Businesses to raise between €5K – €100K



What is GreenAer, and what sets it apart?
We specialise in Smart Urban Transport Solutions, with an emphasis on Premium Electric Bicycles and Cargo Bikes. We offer the widest choice of e-bikes and Cargo Bikes in Ireland as well as the Handmade Bear Dutch Bike. We are on a mission to get as many people as we can convert on these life changing beautiful machines. The more e-bikes on the roads the fewer cars and congestion in the city; the Revolution is on the way!

What did your Linked Finance Stocking Loan and Working Capital loan help you to do?
We raised money to purchase a fleet of these electrically assisted bicycles so that people could rent them out and trial these before they made up their minds. The loan was widely advertised and it enabled us to get some attention from new customers as well.

What’s your business’ new year’s resolution?
We will be opening a sales/trial office in Blackrock in the new year, we want to continue to grow obviously and also take more people on e-bike holidays.


YogaHub, 27 Camden Place

What is YogaHub and what do you think sets it apart?
We create a sanctuary in the city that our clients can come to take time-out for themselves at a yoga class, meditation session or to enjoy some of the finest vegetarian/vegan food around! We don’t concern ourselves with what others are doing. We’re too busy making YogaHub as good as it possibly can be.

What did your Linked Finance New Location Fit Out loan help you to do?
Marc and the team over at Linked Finance were super helpful, supportive and patient with me as I prepared our business plan. Our loan allowed us to convert a run down old warehouse into a beautiful new Yoga studio with a Vegetarian and Vegan Cafe.

What’s your business’ New Year’s Resolution?
What I have learned is a business is a reflection of the owner, and in order for a business to survive and thrive the owner must look after his or herself. YogaHub’s New Year’s Resolution is obviously to get better at what we do and grow, mine is to come back to what I am passionate about, yoga, and to start practicing what we as a business preach: looking after my and the people around me’s holistic health.


Camerino, 158 Capel Street, Dublin 1

What is Caryna’s Cakes, and what sets it apart?
Camerino is a takeaway Bakery and Cakery, serving amazing coffee, lunches on home baked bread and award-winning baked treats. We are the home of the chocolate raspberry cheesecake brownie, which won gold at this year’s Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards. The carrot cake is worth the trip too. We even bake healthy breakfast cake every morning.

What did your Linked Finance Equipment loan help you to do?
Linked Finance raised the money for our top notch coffee equipment (to suit our top notch Roasted Brown coffee.) We borrowed €10,000 at 5% interest and bought a La Marzocco Linea with temperature control, an Anfim on demand grinder, a Vario grinder for filter, a Marco batch brew and some retail stock such as Aeropress and hand grinders to sell with Roasted Brown packs of single origin coffee beans.

What’s your business’ new year’s resolution?
We will reopen our doors to students. In Caryna’s Cakes I taught baking classes such as bread making, healthy treats, cookies, baking without grains etc. With the hoopla of opening Camerino I didn’t have enough time to continue with the classes. This year I plan to welcome students back for baking classes and tasting sessions.


Linked Finance

How did Linked Finance get started?
There was three of us at the beginning. We were all SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) owners, not from a finance background. What’s important to SMEs are Finance and New Customers. We had seen this concept of crowdfunding really working in the USA and UK, and knew it was the future. Finance and publicity is what you need when you’re an SME owner, and P2P Crowd Lending works for both. Our mission is to let every small and medium business in Ireland know that there’s an alternative to banks.

Do you think the crash had an impact on the way people approached entrepreneurship?
Banks had stopped lending, leaving businesses without funding. As an entrepreneur you need to feel you can grow; the recession was stifling. There was no way to realise your ideas. But its inherent in entrepreneurs that they’ll always find a way. Those who survived are hardened – we’re helping them to expand.

What is the attraction of Linked Finance for lenders?
If you’re living in Dublin and you like these businesses – if you’re getting your cakes from Caryna, drinking your juice from PureGreen, cycle bikes from GreenAer or do the lotus with YogaHub – there’s a way for you to enable their growth. There’s very little risk involved, because you can spread out your investment to lots of different businesses at once. You can lend from as little as €50, so it’s accessible for all budgets. We take care of in-depth background checks, you have the potential for great annual returns and best of all, you’re contributing to building businesses that make Dublin great.


Puregreen Juice

What is PureGreen, and what sets it apart?
We are a family run vegetable juicing business that has around 20 employees now. We make the tastiest, healthiest drinks in the country! We are set apart by the quality of our juices and our great customer service.

What did your Linked Finance Renovation and Working Capital loan help you to do?
The Linked Finance loan facilitated our factory expansion. Werecently expanded our production facility from 2000 sqft to 6000 sqft and this required significant capital expenditure. We have also recently purchased new machinery to keep up with increasing demand for our product.

What’s your business’ new year’s resolution?
Our new year’s resolution is to continue our expansion in Dublin and to start selling nationwide and hopefully in the future to go international while always striving to be the best we can.